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"I want my audience, whether male or female, to look at one of my women and be able to identify with her story and the meaning behind her name. I want her to represent a message, a memory, a story or a prayer for the viewer"


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Never having received formal training but equipped with raw talent, I lacked an idiosyncratic style and struggled to harness this gift. In the early years, my dad would say I was talented but my work was copycat and boring. He was right.

I knew a few truths about what ignited a frenzy - when I go for long stretches creating art with a particular song or artist playing on a continuous loop - but I just didn't have an "artistic direction". My spirit is neither moved by landscapes, nor by still-life or portraiture but rather, what I refer to as "depicted sentience" through the celebration of the female form and the bright, vivid colours.

I have finally found a voice that is unique to me, one that has induced prolonged frenzies and abundant hours of introverted happiness and zen. For me, art creation is synonymous with catharsis and my creations are my life's diary. 

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Rewa considers her home to be between Lagos, London and Johannesburg. She studied Physiology & Pharmacology at University College London (UCL) and currently works in the Insurance industry. 

When not painting or drawing, she likes to eat fried yam, read novels, travel the world, do yoga and disturb her husband's peace. 

She currently lives in Johannesburg with her slightly overweight Daschund, Brown (her equally overweight British Blue cat, San Pellegrino, resides with her mother in London).


"My subject matter is WOMAN, I celebrate her in her many forms. I use traditional materials, ink, acrylic paints and brush on cartridge paper, to capture an essence — making the paint assemble and the ink announce. My colour placement is at times capricious when I begin but dissolves into a deliberate cadence once I have conferred with my woman. Her essence is captured in this dalliance of caprice and calculation with the ink coming in for the coup de grace"